Veterans Consortium

Organization Description

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program (Pro Bono Program) provides assistance to unrepresented veterans or their family members who have filed appeals at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (Court).

Program Details

Pro Bono Program

Program Website: Pro Bono Program

Program Description:

Services include:

  • Assistance with filing an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
  • Assistance from TVC's discharge upgrade program
  • Veterans legal clinics
  • Veterans naturalization assistance program

To learn more about each service and for contact information, please visit 

U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC):
Phone: (888) 838-7727

Discharge Upgrade Help:
Phone: (202) 733-3324

Pro Bono Legal Clinic:
This clinic serves veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors.
Two Fridays a month
Call (202) 733-3317 to make an appointment

Pro Bono Legal Clinic for Women Veterans only:
This clinic is staffed by female attorneys for women veterans.
Two Tuesdays a month
Call (202) 733-3329 to make an appointment

Please note we do not currently have the ability to help with issues such as: Federal Tort Claims Act cases (e.g., medical malpractice), Domestic relations issues, Foreclosures, Divorce/Custody issues, Landlord-tenant disputes, USERRA cases (e.g., reemployment rights), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) cases, or Class actions. If you live in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area and would like to speak with an attorney about any of these issues, please call (202) 733-3317 (all veterans) or (202) 733-3329 (Women veterans only) to make an appointment at one of our legal clinics.

Online intake form URL: Online Application
Office days/hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Intake days/hours (other): Online intake
Eligibility-residence-county: Nationwide
Other Topics: Brief advice/Help with forms/Clinics, Full Representation
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