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Understand your case type because it determines how your case proceeds in the courts.
Start by gathering as much information as you possibly can. Begin with basic information, (name, age, social security number) and then expand from there.
If you need to sue a business, you must first determine exactly who owns it. This article will help you decide on the legal entity/person(s) to name in your lawsuit.
The records you will typically need include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records, and divorce records. The records are maintained by the state or local government, where the event took place.
A private investigator can help you find information and people.
The phrase "statute of limitations" refers to the limited period of time within which you can file a lawsuit against someone who harmed you.
Figuring out who to sue may not be as easy as you think. It is essential that you sue the right person or legal entity. You can lose your case if you sue the wrong person.