Public Housing

General Public Housing Articles

If a tenant, a family member or guest or someone under the tenant's control in public, Section 8, or HUD Housing is involved in criminal activity, the housing authority does not have to provide a hearing before filing a breach of lease action in District Court.
Terminating a lease in Public, HUD, or Section 8 housing must follow correct procedure.
This article describes when a tenancy may be terminated in public housing, Section 8, and HUD properties.
This article includes a brief comparison of the types of rules that apply to tenants based on the type of government subsidy received.
All of the Maryland rules governing landlord and tenant relations in privately owned rentals also apply, however, there are some added protections that only apply to section 8, HUD, and public housing.
Housing Choice Vouchers (section 8 vouchers) cover part of a tenant's rent. Vouchers may also be used to buy a house.