Estate Planning

General Estate Planning Articles

This article explains the general timeline for administering an estate in Maryland.
A will is a written legal document that states what you want done about various topics after you die.  A will can include your wishes about what happens to your belongings (called the "estate"), and about who will care for any minor children.
For many Marylanders, their home is the single largest and most important asset in their family. Protect it with proper estate planning.
A life estate is a type of property ownership where two or more people have ownership rights. The life tenant is the person with the right to possess and use the property for the duration of their life. This means that the life tenant has lifetime use of the property.
The titling of your property is an important concept to understand to determine who has access to your property and what will happen with that property when you die.
What are reverse mortgages and what are the common pitfalls.
This article defines and describes the basic law of trusts.
There are different ways that your loved ones can receive your personal belongings and property after you die.