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A description of county laws and rules apply only to residents and property in Anne Arundel County.
In all residential leases in Baltimore City, whether oral or written, it is implied that the landlord covenants and warrants that the dwelling is fit for human habitation.
Baltimore City has a law proscribing how a landlord may dispose of a former tenant's possessions after the tenant has been evicted.
Baltimore City has many special laws regarding lead paint abatement.
When a landlord delays unreasonably or refuses to repair a condition which threatens the life, health or safety of the tenant, the rent escrow law provides several remedies, including the payment of rent into court so that the accumulated funds may be used to pay for repairs.
Special laws for landlord/tenant issues
Beginning on January 1, 2019, Baltimore City landlords must have a license to operate their premises or else lose their right to collect rent.
This law provides that before any voluntary transfer of title, such as a sale, of a single-family residential rental property takes place, the tenant of that property has the right of first refusal to purchase it.
How to raise your concerns at a Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals hearing in Baltimore City.
The following rental housing laws and rules apply specifically to residents and property in Baltimore County. Maryland state law may also apply. Some of these rules only apply to residential property.
Rental and housing laws vary from county to county. Local laws are one of the three different types of law that may apply to your rental or housing situation.
Montgomery County law requires landlords to fulfill certain requirements before and during a tenancy.
Special Laws that apply to Montgomery County and cities within.
Powers of the Human Rights Commission to eliminate discriminatory practices in housing in Prince George's County.
The Prince George's County Housing Code sets minimum standards for all structures intended or used for human habitation.
The following laws and rules apply only to residents or property in Prince George’s County. Note that the following rules apply only to Prince George’s County, and do not apply to any other areas of Maryland.
Learn about rental license requirements, including county and municipal requirements, and discover related resources.