Do I Qualify for Free or Low Cost Legal Help

Free Legal Help in Maryland

If you have low income or no income, you may be eligible for free legal help.

Most of the programs in Maryland use one of two income levels to determine if you are eligible for services.

  • A number based on the federal poverty guidelines. The guidelines are a set of numbers published annually by the federal government. They are used by many benefit programs as one of several factors to determine whether you are financially eligible to receive help. In certain cases, a program may use the guidelines as a base for setting their own guidelines. For example, the Legal Aid Bureau uses the figure of 125% of the poverty guidelines as part of its decision to decide if you can receive free legal help. Since many other factors are also used and sometimes the financial guidelines are higher, if your income is near the guidelines limit or even twice as much, you should still call for help.The current poverty guidelines can be found at the Department of Health and Human Services website.
  • The Maryland Legal Services Corporation(MLSC) makes grants to nonprofit organization in the state to provide for legal services for those of low income. MLSC requires that a client's income not exceed 50% of Maryland's median family income.

Free Legal Help Outside Maryland

You can search by state to find a non-profit offering free legal help to low-income persons in every state. The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) website allows you to search only for its grantees. The Legal Services Corporation is an independent federal agency funded by Congress. LSC funds legal services providers nationwide to provide free legal assistance to low-income people.

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