Do I Qualify for Free or Low Cost Legal Help

Free Legal Help in Maryland

If you have low income or no income, you may be eligible for free legal help.

Many, but not all, of the programs in Maryland use one of two income levels to determine if you are eligible for services.

In some cases, one of these programs can help you even if you are over income, based on other factors like your age, veteran status, disability status, or if you have HIV/AIDS.

  • Maryland Legal Aid (Top chart on Income Guidelines)

    Maryland Legal Aid’s services are free if you qualify.  This is based on income and assets available to the household.  Household income must be below 125% of a national standard called the "Federal Poverty Income Guidelines." To see if your income qualifies you for help from the regular Maryland Legal Aid program, look at the top chart (called "2016 LSC Income Guidelines - 125% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines" on Income Guidelines.
  • Other nonprofits that receive grants from Maryland Legal Services Corporation (MLSC) (Second chart on Income Guidelines)

    Many other nonprofit organizations in Maryland offer legal services to people who qualify, based on a different chart.  This chart is the called the MLSC Guidelines, and is based on Maryland income statistics.  To see if your income qualifies you for help from these organizations, look at the second chart (called "2016-2017 MLSC and 60+ Program Income Guidelines - 50% of the Maryland Median Income" on Income Guidelines.

 Legal Help Outside Maryland

You can search by state to find a non-profit offering free legal help to low-income persons in every state.

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