General Wills/Estates/Probate Articles

This page gives an overview of estate administration and links to a number of resources for people who need to open an estate.
A will is a written legal document that states what you want done about various topics after you die.  A will can include your wishes about what happens to your belongings (called the "estate"), and about who will care for any minor children.
This article contains information on different kinds of personal banks accounts, who can access them, and what happens when the owner dies.
A power of attorney is a document that gives someone legal authority to act for another person.
This article describes a general process for giving away property rights to someone else for no money. For example, you may wish to make a gift of property, or you may wish to add a family member to your deed. You should be aware that simply adding someone to a property deed can have very different results depending on the exact words used in the new deed. If you are buying or selling property, it is important to get professional help.
This article defines and describes the basic law of trusts.
Maryland law protects spouses from being disinherited by the other. The rule of law called the elective share gives the surviving spouse the right to receive a fixed amount of the deceased spouse’s estate. The purpose of the elective share is to ensure that the surviving spouse is provided for, within reason, for the remainder of his or her life.