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The Prisoner’s Rights Information System of Maryland (PRISM) assists current inmates of Maryland state prisons with their 8th Amendment rights. Representation or advice to state prisoners in civil rights matters and certain state habeas corpus or inmate grievance office cases. Handles sentence calculation problems, lack of medical care or improper living conditions, violation of constitutional rights of religion, association, etc. 

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PRISM will provide representation and legal assistance only in cases dealing with the status of conviction and actions under 42 U.S.C., Section 1983, to challenge conditions of confinement. This includes legal services for representation in select cases at Inmate Grievance Office hearings and appeals when the grievance involves a civil rights or constitutional issue, assistance with problems concerning prison conditions or administration (e.g., disciplinary actions, medical complaints, mistreatment, etc.), problems related to parole, and problems related to sentences such as sentence computation, diminution of confinement credits, etc. PRISM does not provide representation in criminal, domestic and civil court actions.  To connect with PRISM, inmates should mail the P.O. Box address. 

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Eligibility-other: Current inmate of a Maryland state prison. Please note that PRISM does not serve inmates of local jails.
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