Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center

Organization Description

The Maryland Crime Victims' Resource Center provides legal services for low-income victims of crime to ensure they receive justice and are treated with dignity and compassion, including Criminal Injuries Compensation Board appeals.

Program Details

Crime Victim Assistance Services

Program Description:

The Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc.  will help you by providing you with information, assistance, and support throughout your case proceedings. They help during all phases of the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

MCRCV can provide you with: 

  • Assistance with using all victims’ rights that apply to you (Victims’ Rights in the Criminal Justice System), including information on Victim Notification: VINE (VINE fact sheet) and DNA Notification (FORM) (Spanish), and Victim Impact Statements
  • Assistance with Financial Issues (Financial Remedies), including Restitution (Restitution Fact Sheet) and Criminal Injuries Compensation
  • Education, resources and training related to victims’ rights laws
  • Legal assistance for victims
  • A court companion during trial
  • Assistance with Financial Issues (Financial Remedies), including Restitution (Restitution Fact Sheet) and Criminal Injuries Compensation
  • Support services including a Peer Support Group for Families and Friends of Homicide Victims, therapeutic counseling and referrals for other related programs and services

To take the first step toward crime victim help, ask a victim advocate about services by calling 301-952-0063. 

Program Contact Name:
Program Contact email:
Program Contact Phone:
Advice/Help Hotline Phone:
Online intake form URL: Online Intake Form
Program uses Language Line (Y/N): Yes
Program staff provide services in other languages: Spanish
Program Contact Fax:
Intake days/hours (walk-in): 8:30-5 Monday through Friday
Office days/hours: 8:30-5 Monday through Friday
Advice/Help Hotline Days/Hours:
Advice/Help Hotline Phone:
Intake days/hours (by phone): 8:30-5 Monday through Friday
Intake days/hours (other):
Condition of waiver:
Condition of waiver (describe):
Cost or fee (describe): Free services to all victims of crime
Description of other:
Eligibility-residence-county: Statewide
Eligibility-other: Victims of crime in Maryland
Children (Child Custody, Support, Adoption):
Civil Rights:
Domestic Violence:
Housing - General:
Housing - Landlord/Tenant:
Immigration and Citizenship:
Life and Health Planning:
Wills, Estates, Probate:
Other Topics: Brief advice/Help with forms/Clinics
Se habla Español: Brief advice/Help with forms/Clinics
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